3D Printing Quote

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How it Works

Because every part is different, we cannot provide a price automatically through this online web site. We therefore quote before you purchase.
To get a quote, you can, right now if you like, click here and upload your files so that we can quote a price. No purchase is necessary.
or Email your .STL model to support@polyprinter.com, be sure to include the approximate height/width/length of your model so that we get the scale correct, if it's not exported in Millimeters
We determine:
  • if the model is 3D printable
  • how many print hours are needed
  • how much support removal (if any) is needed


There is a $10 set up fee for every print. Then the part size etc. determines the printing time, and then the print charge, at $5 additional per hour.

Price is for as-printed parts as they come off the bed. Support removal and cleanup extra, at $30/hr.
Many parts need only trivial cleanup, if designed for 3D printing. 

Shipping extra:
  • Normal shipping is via USPS or UPS whichever is more economical
  • Personal Delivery $35 plus Distance charge if applicable.
  • $50 Rush fee for same day print-and-ship (if possible)
  • $25 ship-next-day service

 No charge for failed prints.