PolyPrinter ABS filament has been specified with a grade of ABS that is a good compromise between resilience and stiffness. It is also of a type that extrudes well at high speeds and bonds well layer-to-layer.

The PolyPrinter PLA filament is similarly a grade that has a good overall extrudability and bonding.

In general the PolyPrinter filament has colors that are more "full" than a lot of other filaments, and we have a much greater selection of colors in ABS than is available almost anywhere else. (PLA has a more limited selection simply due to a lower amount of total usage than our ABS.)

Please store filament in a clean (dust-free) place, or else keep it in e.g. gallon size self-sealing bags. This should reduce the occurrence of "clogs".

If for some reason you are not satisfied with a roll of PolyPrinter filament, please let us know why, so we can replace it for you.