Support Removal Knife

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Wood carving knife for cutting, trimming, scoring, carving and is surgically sharp. Large jaw lock for heavy duty carving, gouging, cutting, trimming and routing. Great for hobbies, the home, and industrial purposes.

We have found this particular style of knife to work better than an X-Acto #11 (triangular) blade type knife.

This one has a thicker, stiffer blade, and having the edge in line with the handle makes it easier to maintain a good cleaving angle.

Warning: This knife is not suitable for use by children, or even some adults (hopefully you know who you are...) because plastic tends to give way suddenly, and most often the knife will travel far and fast beyond the pice it just cut. It takes some experience, steady hands, and a safe approach to using it, to avoid injury. We have had a lot of close calls, which is why we sell the finger guards to hopefully reduce the potential for injury.