PolyPrinter Owner's Kit

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Contains the essential supplies and tools you should have on hand when beginning to use your PolyPrinter.
All of these items in the Owner's Kit are the best ones we have found, to make life easier for you as a user.
  • 3.25" wide PET Tape is the most handy width (although the bed comes pre-taped to get you going).
  • Felt-covered squeegee needed to smoothing the bed tape.
  • Part lifter - needed to get prints off the bed. This is a particularly nice thin, flat spatula with rounded edges.
  • Bottle of synthetic oil needed for the smooth rods/bearings.
  • Set of three Metric Hex wrenches for making adjustments or replacing parts
  • 10 mm wrench (must be used to hold head when changing nozzles)
  • 7 mm nut driver for replacing the nozzle. This is a particularly short one that makes it easier.
  • Brass wire brush, needed to keep the nozzle clean of excess plastic from time to time.
  • Part-cleaning knife with long straight edge aligned with handle - this makes support removal much easier
  • Part corner and flat surface scraper. Helps remove roughness from parts after support is mostly removed.
  • Especially grippy small pliers great for removing support.
  • Cloth to protect the bed when changing nozzles or replacing the extruder.
  • Electronic caliper helpful for designing and checking dimensions.
  • Spare nozzle.

Each item has a good reason for being in this Kit. It is either the best of its class that we have found, or it's something particular to the best way to use a PolyPrinter.

If you are purchasing your first PolyPrinter, you should consider this kit mandatory, so that you have everything on hand when you first begin to use your printer.

Additional Owner's Kits are not needed for the second and subsequent PolyPrinters located close by. (That is why we have this Kit listed as a separate item from the printer itself.)