Replacement Nozzle

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Includes one standard .35mm diameter nozzle good for most printing.

Good for .25mm or less layer height, .35mm (normal) or .4mm (coarser) extrusion widths.
PolyPrinter nozzles are not the same as other nozzles:
  • Hard Beryllium Copper so it wears out more slowly than standard (soft Brass) nozzles
  • Custom interior design flows with less pressure and allows our fastest printing speeds
  • Made with very close tolerances to keep consistent Z height when the nozzle is changed

Nozzles are a wear item:
  • The plastic gradually wears the nozzle opening out, making it larger. It takes a good while for this to happen so it's not something to be too mindful of.
  • As well, over time, carbonized plastic will build up inside the nozzle and can sometimes flake off, causing a clog

A spare nozzle is also handy in case something un-meltable gets dragged in with the filament and blocks the nozzle - it's easier to change it than to try to get all the plastic out and try to clear it. It may not happen to you... but it's sure annoying if it happens when you're trying to get a part printed in a limited time.
Custom made for PolyPrinter in the USA (Texas).