Wood (PLA based)

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 1.75mm PLA-based "Wood" 1kg

This is an unusual filament. It contains very fine particles of sawdust that give the resulting part a unique surface finish. 

It will take a stain, to darken it, though it is not nearly as absorbent of stain as real wood is.

Some areas of the print may be darker or lighter in color just from temperature and extrusion rate variations (hotter and slower means darker color).

It actually smells a lot like real wood while it's printing.

It is possible for this filament to harden up in the nozzle if kept hot too long without any extrusion happening, so after flushing, turn off the head heat if printing isn't going to occur soon afterward. Also, if you pause/stop a print, turn off the head heat.

** Because this filament contains particles, it is also possible that you will experience a nozzle clog with it in the normal course of printing. We have not seen any significant rate of occurrence of this, but it is possible.

If you normally print ABS, make sure you have some genuine 3M blue painter's tape handy to put on the bed (right over the green PET tape) to make this wood filament stick properly. (We have 3" wide blue tape available, but most hardware stores carry 2" wide 3M tape which will do.)

Slice using the "PLA" material selection.