229 Main Controller Board Replacement

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This replaces the main controller board for a PolyPrinter 229. This is rarely needed, but if it fails, and you have not renewed the Warranty coverage, then you may need to purchase this board.

It can be customer-installed if you take plenty of pictures before you disconnect all the connections from the old board, and refer to them when connecting it all back up again.

If you are completely unfamiliar with electrical connectors, then it might be a good idea to draft a fried or relation to handle this.


Do NOT pull on the wires! Pull only on the connector bodies. You may use the pliers that came in the Owner's Kit to do this, but be careful not to let the pliers crimp or pull on the wires.

Connectors usually need some rocking back and forth, combined with slightly levering the retaining tab away from the connector body.