Rental of PolyPrinter 325DX (DFW area)

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Renting a PolyPrinter 325DX (Dallas-Ft. Worth area). 

The rental rate is $420 per month - it covers the rental itself. We charge in addition to that, for delivery, training, filament etc.

If you decide to purchase the rented printer before the end of the rental period, we will credit 50% of the rental toward the purchase.
Rentals are renewable on an ongoing basis. 
The PolyPrinter combines speed and accuracy, along with good reliability, outstanding features, and reasonable cost.

Rental Policies

Payment covering all supplies, delivery, training and the initial rental term is expect upon or before delivery of the printer.
Full onsite service is provided during the rental term. That's one reason that it might look expensive compared to buying just the printer, and why we can only credit part of the rental toward a purchase.
THIS PRINTER REQUIRES A WIRED ETHERNET NETWORK CONNECTION to work to its fullest, and for dual-head operation, and maintenance.
  • PolyPrinter 325DX with full cabinet, fully assembled, ready to print
  • Power Cord
  • USB Cable
  • Network cable
  • Owner's Kit (bed tape, tools, brush, part lifter etc. - to be returned when printer returned)
Product Features:
  • Fast, Accurate, Reliable.
  • Its large workspace gives you the freedom to make large parts, or a large set of small parts.
  • Heated bed for ABS (a strong, sandable, durable plastic) printing
  • Easy filament feeding and switching by hand
  • Filament reel holder inside cabinet
  • Fully enclosed cabinet makes large parts more successful by enclosing the workspace, helps contain smells, reduces sound level.
  • Opening front hood makes the bed accessible
  • Switchable Work Light
  • Hardened linear rods and linear bearings for smooth motion.
  • Easy belt tension adjustment
  • Metal pulleys for accurate motion control.
  • USB connection - does not need a serial port.
  • Camera Mount point Light Mount point

 Printable Volume:

X 325 mm, 12.6”
Y 229 mm, 9”
Z 229 mm, 9”
Physical Size:
Approximately 635 mm (25") deep x 506 mm (20") wide x 457 mm (18") high
Filament: 1.75mm ABS
The nominal resolution per axis:
X,Y .0125 mm per microstep (12.5 microns)
Z .05 mm per full step

X,Y Travel Speed 250 mm/sec

High Quality Setting:

Perimeter: 40 mm/sec

Solid Infill: 80 mm/sec

Sparse Infill: 80 mm/sec
Draft Mode - Lower Quality:
Perimeter: 250 mm/sec
Solid Infill: 250 mm/sec
Sparse Infill: 140 mm/sec


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