PolyPrinter 465dx Dual Extruder

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Print Area:
465mm x 229mm x 229mm
The new Dual Extruder PolyPrinter 465dx is a distinct step up in capabilities compared to our traditional machines.
What does this printer do that a 508 can't do?
The dual extruders allow:
  • using water-soluble support material
  • or printing in two colors at the same time (with suitably designed parts). One example would be signage or lettering on parts being in a different color than the rest of the part (in CAD it would need to be done as two bodies, one for each color).
  • Or printing two different types of material in the same print
 The network interface allows:
  • usage and monitoring of the printer from anywhere on your local LAN
  • printing even if completely disconnected from USB or the network, once printing starts

What does it NOT do that A 508 can do?

This printer only has a 465mm (18.3") wide printing area, instead of the wider 508mm (20") of the 508 machine.

How does it work?

It has two independently movable extruders (this is called an IDEX system - independent extruder).

It has the advantage of quick tool changes ( a few seconds), no waste flush block, and keeps the idle extruder from drooling on the part. (It does have the cost of using up available space in the X direction i.e. going from 508mm single to 465mm of dual travel.)

The result is more economical prints that print significantly faster than one that has a single nozzle, and cleaner color or material separation compared to dual-nozzle machines.

NOTE: This printer may occasionally requires a USB connection to a nearby computer to perform initial setup tasks, e.g. to connect to your network.

Our software package containing Kisslicer requires a computer. A Windows 10+ computer is best (Mac is usable but not as straightforward.) NOTE: MacBook or ChromeBook computers are NOT usable for slicing.)

 ON-SITE SERVICE: An extra-charge optional service for clients located within Dallas Fort Worth. Clients outside DFW must email sales@polyprinter.com for a distant onsite service quote.

Onsite service covers travel costs for trips made by our technicians to service your printer. This effectively turns the carry-in warranty into an on-site warranty. We highly recommend this for educational systems and businesses. 
Printer Specifications:

Print Volume

X:  465mm (18.320”)

Y:  229mm (9”)

Z:  229mm (9”)

Printing Speed

  Draft Mode - Normal Quality:

  • Perimeter: 250 mm/sec

  • Solid Infill: 250 mm/sec

  • Sparse Infill: 140 mm/sec


  High Quality Setting:

  • Perimeter: 40 mm/sec

  • Solid Infill: 80 mm/sec

  • Sparse Infill: 80 mm/sec

Physical Size

Depth: 635 mm (25")

Width: 699 mm (27.5")

Height: 457 mm (18")








The nominal resolution per axis.


0.0125 mm per microstep (12.5 microns)



0.05 mm per full step (50 microns)

A.C. Power Required

Normally set to 120v, selectable to 230v Max 5.0 A (fused)

Average current while printing: Approximately 1.0 Amps at 120V AC.


The fully assembled PolyPrinter 465dx includes:

  • Power Cord
  • USB Cord
  • 12 month standard warranty covering printer and extruders
Product Features:
  • Fast, Accurate, Reliable 3D printer
  • Networking (wired Ethernet)
  • Operation via any web browser on the network
  • Filament switch that pauses the printer when filament runs out or gets tangled 
  • Heated bed
  • Webcam installed so you can watch your prints on the web
  • Fully enclosed cabinet makes large parts more successful by enclosing the workspace, helps contain smells, reduces sound level.
  • Hardened linear rods and linear bearings for smooth motion.
  • Metal pulleys for accurate motion control.
  • USB connection - does not need a serial port.
  • Camera
  • Max Nozzle Temperature: 300C
  • Max Bed Temp: 125C
  • Bed Surface (base) Aluminum
  • Bed Surface for ABS: Polyester (PET) tape
  • Typical Layer Resolution Range: .05mm to .25 mm (about 70% of nozzle diameter is a useful maximum). Layers thinner than .05 can be created but will not result in noticeably better prints.
  • Nozzle Size: .35mm


Other Items that may be needed

If this is your first PolyPrinter, you will need to also purchase an Owner's Kit which contains necessary tools and some very handy accessories.

It's a good idea to have a single power bar that supplies the computer and the printer together (for best USB connectivity). Most power bars have surge protection inside. A UPS is also recommended (750 VA for 229s, 1000 for 508/325/465s) - they also have built-in surge protection.)


Dual Extruder Training

If you are an existing PolyPrinter customer with a 229 or 508, you will already be familiar with a lot of the concepts and skills used to run PolyPrinter printers in general.

However, the DX series has also:

  • more choices that you will need to make when slicing
  • A very different user interface (web browser based)
  • Different calibration and maintenance procedures and concerns
  • Different and additional possible error messages and resolutions
  • Networked connectivity setup when installing the printer

For these reasons, it is very important to make sure that you purchase the necessary additional training package along with your DX printer, if it is your first DX. 

Also be sure to get Onsite technician travel for at least the first year if at all possible. There is a higher likelihood of needing some in-person support in the first year, simply as part of becoming an expert user.

Choose a Starter Pack for the best value (may require a distance charge outside of DFW).



The PolyPrinter has a 12-Month “carry-in” warranty.

The warranty covers:
- failures due to defects in manufacturing
- design problems preventing functionality promised at the time of purchase
- two-way shipping of replacement parts
- labor at a designated repair facility
- forum, email, and live telephone support for diagnosis and repair
- breakage or wearing out of vital things that are not nominally wear items:

  • bearings
  • rods
  • belts
  • heaters
  • electronics
  • printed bits
  • wiring
  • fans

It does not cover:

- travel to the printer location
- Obsolescence
- Mistreatment
- Consumables or wear items. (e.g. bed tape, nozzles.)
- Shipping the entire printer
- Cosmetics
- Damage



The PolyPrinter has a (renewable) 12-Month “carry-in” warranty.

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